Let me preface this by saying I haven’t been keeping a close tab on all the details, nor do I have a definitive opinion on the matter myself. But I do have an opinion on certain people’s opinions. So, Syria. …

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Seven Year Itch

I recently did my annual car registration here in Texas. This time, however, they also sent me a new set of plates. Apparently you need new plates every seven years. That’s when I realized that come mid September, I’ve lived …

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Ding! Level 32!

Another year’s gone by and I’ve gained another level in the Life MMORPG. Like last year, I think I’ll take another level in the Parent class. That will make me Kid 5/Student 17/Husband 4/Teacher 1/Manager 1/Author 2/Parent 2. With all those …

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And We’re Back

Just got back from a little vacation down in (sunny?) Florida. I question the sunny part because it rained every day, but I find that comforting. Growing up there you could set your watches by the 4pm summer  thunderstorm. It …

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Blackhole of Communication

Attention readers, as you may have noticed I’ve been pretty silent here. After the contest and with “Tree of Liberty” fully released (hardback and paperback are now available), I’ve taken a little break from the blog. I’m in the process …

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The man who went up a hill and came down without a car

My wife and I went away for a few days this past weekend. My parents were in town and willing  to watch the kid so we jumped at the chance.   Been quite awhile since we’d had a chance to …

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Getting away from it All

My parents are coming for a visit.  My wife and i decided to take advantage of that and are getting away for a few days sans baby. Off to the remote Texas hill country for a chance to sleep in …

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503rd Blog Posts!

I completely missed it but I made my 500th post here on the blog the other day. This one actually ends up being 503. “iPad vs Kindle Fire vs Galaxy” ended up being number 500. An interesting discussion but not …

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iPad vs Kindle Fire vs Galaxy

We’re looking at getting a tablet.  The big question is which one? I’ve look at a few comparisons and still don’t know. iPad The iPad may not have been the first tablet but it was the first mass market tablet. …

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Ballad of the Sick Child

I intended to have a post about my experiences at Comicpalooza today…but instead I’ll be taking care of a sick child. He’s a bit better than he was yesterday so hopefully we’ll have it tomorrow.

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