The first time we (legally) obtained digital video in non-disc form was through iTunes. We were in the process of moving to Texas and had just finished watching Battlestar Galactica season 1 via Netflix disc. As we would be spending …

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Living in the Future

Yep, we are living in the future. Because of the bizarreness of cable permissions, we’ve had to watch the Gator games on ESPN’s archive after the game is over. We’ve been doing that via the Xbox. Now, we did that …

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Star Wars Kinect


I finally decided to go ahead and get a Kinect. Why? Pretty much to play the new Star Wars Kinect game. Okay, while that was the motivator to do it now, it wasn’t my only reason. I’ve liked the idea …

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SW Kinect


  If I didn’t already have a X-box 360, that would be the one to buy. For only $450 you can get an X-box, big hard drive, very cool design, Kinect and the new SW Kinect game. As a Star …

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