Why I’m not Voting for Romney

Many of you may have seen this video of Mitt Romney talking to other rich guys at a fundraiser event. If not, watch that first. To highlight a few things, here’s the remarks in quotes, though you really need to …

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It’s a Matter of Presentation

Thinking about some recent debates I’ve had, I was thinking how taxes are currently viewed as a negative. It’s all a matter of perspective but also one of presentation. It’s really hard to change someones perspective, but the presentation is …

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Why I Like Taxes


Over the last week I’ve been trying to iron out what the tax rules will be for me as I go into the book writing business. I’ll have no income of my own this year, so haven’t thought about. But …

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Income Disparity


I recently read a report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities that outlines some pretty astonishing information. By looking at data provided by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) the income gap between the middle fifth of Americans and …

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