Welcome to the New Site!

Hello readers! Welcome to my new website! I’ve been toying with switching to a new URL for awhile and decided to go ahead and do it. Thanks to my friend Yvonne, I was also able to give the site a …

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2012, Here We Come

After yesterday’s look back at 2012, today we’re going to look forward to 2012. What does the year have in store for us? Games My outlook on games in 2012 is pretty limited. SWTOR is out and I expect that …

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2011, We Hardly Knew Ya

Apparently, at the end of the year, it is a common practiceto look back at the previous year and forward to the new year. Not one to buck tradition, unless I feel like it, here is my look back at …

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Programming Update

I haven’t been posting lately because I am off surrounded by family. Should be back to a regular schedule after the new year.

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Six Month Review

Today marks 6months since I began this diversion into Blogdom. It has been an interesting experience. I love numbers so let’s take a look: At the 3 month mark things looked like this: 1174 Unique Visitors 76 RSS Feeds 4861 …

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Name Change

I decided to change the name of one of my posts. It was title Star Wars Beta News because it was about the lifting of the journalist NDA on SWTOR.  However, I was getting dozens of spam comments on it …

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Revenge of the Spammers

For a month or two now, since I installed an IP ban program, the number of spam posts have gone down significantly.  The number of real comments was climbing well ahead of spam comments. Last night, they fought back. The …

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Three Month Review

Today marks three months since I decided to try this blog experiment.  This almost marked post number 100, but will be post 102. I’ve made it a point to try and make a post every week day. Sometimes I’ve done …

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Stupid Netflix

Really Netflix? You’re splitting DVD’s into it’s own company called Qwikster? I was okay with the prices going up, but splitting the company? A) It’s a stupid name. B) I don’t want to have to maintain two queues. C) I’m …

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I’ve resisted it for a long time, but I’ve decided to give Twitter a try. This post is a test of the cross posting widget I just attempted to install.

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