2015: Welcome to the Future

It is here, 2015. The year of the hoverboard, flying car and the Cubs winning the World Series. For someone who grew up in the 80’s with Back to the Future, 2015 is a big milestone for the future. It’s …

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Vote 2014

Today is the day to vote here in America. So go forth, use your power to decide the fate of the country. I’ll wait. Okay, now that that’s done let’s talk about the absurdity of this whole voting thing. I have …

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I’m trying out this Tumblr thing.  You can follow me here. Not sure what will come of it but I thought I’d try it out.

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2014 Here We Come

Well, I’ve been pretty quiet here lately.  I took time off from writing on the blog a few months ago and never really picked it back up. I’d love to say I’ve been to busy writing. And while I have …

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503rd Blog Posts!

I completely missed it but I made my 500th post here on the blog the other day. This one actually ends up being 503. “iPad vs Kindle Fire vs Galaxy” ended up being number 500. An interesting discussion but not …

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Weekend Wrap-up

Had a lot of fun at OwlCon this weekend. Didn’t see a lot of sales of Aristeia but Grey Gecko in general did pretty good.It’s a nice quiet little con. Comicpalooza and, hopefully, WorldCon later this year will be much …

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Sound of Silence


I must apologize for being quiet for the past week  It’s not for want of things to say or even laziness. Last weekend I got Tree of Liberty back from my editor. So I’ve been hard at work doing revisions …

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2013 Predictions

Oh the new year. A time for reflection and speculation. What does 2013 have in store for us? Games Starting out on the shallow side of things, let’s look at the world of gaming. What am I looking forward to …

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2012 in Review

The end of the year is upon us.  The world did not end so we have 2013 and beyond to look forward to. But before we do let’s take a look back at 2012. (For reference, here’s my 2012 outlook and …

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I Hate .rar

Seriously people, why can’t you compress your files into a .zip file like everyone else? Anyone can open a .zip file. But I can’t open a .rar file without getting a separate program. I don’t want to install random free …

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