Worst. Release. Ever.


The time has come. The  “Worst. Book. Ever. The Awesome Adventures of Max Power.” is now available for purchase.  And not just in your traditional ebook format either. No no, as a special announcement I’m pleased to report that you …

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Fun with Legos


A couple months ago we pulled my old Legos out of storage for my son to play with. At just barely three there wasn’t a lot he could do with them at first. But since then he’s gotten quite good …

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FFG Interview Video Link

Here’s the video for the interview with Fantasy Flight Developers Sam Steward and Max Brooke.

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FFG Interview Reminder

Remember, I am doing an interview with Fantasy Flight Games Sam Stewart and Max Brooke tonight at 630pm Central (730pm Eastern). You can follow this link.

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Aftermath of the New Canon

I first discovered the Star Wars Expanded Universe books in high school. I had just moved to Texas and my new neighbor turned out to be a bigger Star Wars geek than me. He introduced me to the books and …

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Fantasy Flight Interview for AetherCon


Exciting news! I’ve been asked to conduct an interview with some of the staff for Fantasy Flight Games for AetherCon. The guest list is still being finalized but will include the man in charge of the RPG line, Sam Stewart. …

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Worst Pre-Order Ever


Guess what? The “Worst. Book. Ever.- The AWESOME Adventures of Max Power” is now available for pre-order! You can pre-order it now for only $2.99 and receive it upon release on October 21, 2015*. Max Power, secret agent, Nobel Laureate, private eye, …

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Newsletter and Giveaway

Guess what? I have a newsletter/mailing list. This will be a great way to keep readers up to date on upcoming events and book releases. And we just might have some of those coming up soon…. For everyone who signs …

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The Missing Show- Babylon 5

As you might have guessed, I’m a big sci-fi space opera fan. Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Stargate are all shows I’ve loved over the years. You might notice an absence from that list of a well regarded …

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Star Wars Rebels and Thomas the Train

Last year sometime my three year old son decided he didn’t like the TV. I’m not exactly sure why. I think something scared him but I can’t really say for sure. He used to enjoy watching Sesame Street and Daniel Tiger, …

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