End of an Era

This post marks the last thing I will write on my old Toshiba laptop. Purchased in 2010 when I decided to trying this writing thing out full time it’s seen a lot of words. I’ve written four complete novels, three half novels that have either been discarded or aren’t done yet and around 1000 blog articles between this site and d20 Radio. All told at least 1.4 million words have flown through this keyboard in the last six years. And that doesn’t even account for emails and other various things I’ve written on the internet.

As much as I been through with it the time for a change has come. The battery on this thing has never been spectacular but these days you can go maybe thirty minutes before it will randomly shut off. And this isn’t the original battery as I replaced that about two years ago.

Speaking of randomly shutting off that’s not just a battery thing. Occurs even when plugged in. And they won’t start up properly. I expect there is a good chance Windows 10 is involved somehow but that just might be the internet talking. Windows 10 is to blame for every computer problem it seems.

I lost some of my work the other day because of a random shut down and Words autoback up not working. Course, I didn’t save diligently enough so it’s kind of my fault for relying on Word back up on a computer known to shut down at random.

We’ve giving Acer a try this time. Went for a mid range gaming laptop. As is true for all things computer the new one has significantly higher stats than this one does for less price than we paid for this one. 12Gb RAM vs 4Gb. SSD drive + 1Tb harddrive vs 500Gb. And  an actual graphics card instead of integrated.

Nothing fancy but should be powerful enough to play any of the games we play now. I do most gaming on the desktop anyways but it will be nice to have some options in case two people want to play games at the same time. Now that the kids almost five that’s becoming more of a frequent occurrence.

So my afternoon will be spent configuring a new machine. Fortunately, since we have everything backed up on the Cloud transfering files will be simple. Of course, there will be a ton of crapware to expunge. That’s always fun.

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