Fun with Legos

A couple months ago we pulled my old Legos out of storage for my son to play with. At just barely three there wasn’t a lot he could do with them at first. But since then he’s gotten quite good with them. He’s made some pretty creative things, though I expect, only things a parent would appreciate.

However, having them out has allowed me to have an excuse to play with Legos again. He’s really gotten into Star Wars and Super heroes. We got a small X-wing set and he immediately wanted a TIE Fighter. Not having one I decided to try my hand at making one.


Color options were limited but it does have space for a pilot. He had fun chasing the X-wing around with this for awhile. And then he learned that TIE Interceptors were faster and wanted one of those.


This one proved more difficult to figure out but ultimately more stable. There’s not really a cockpit but the wings don’t fall off at the slightest rough touch. Of course, we needed to add the Corellian blood stripe for the Baron.

In addition to Star Wars, super heroes have become a big thing. Lego Marvel game has been a regular past time. Naturally, this led to wanting to make super heroes out of Legos. Don’t really have good mini figs to make any of the Avengers but I was able to put together a decent Helicarrier.

0929151623b (1)

I do believe there are Legos in the works for Christmas. For my son. Yeah….

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