Announcing The Worst Book Ever!


Today I am happy to announce my latest book: “Worst. Book. Ever. The Awesome Adventures of Max Power”!

Worst Book Ever_Full

This book started as a venting exercise, writing as terribly as possible out of spite at some other piece I was working on at the time that just never sounded good no matter how many times I rewrote it. So instead of trying to avoid cliches and ridiculous characters and plots, I tried to cram as many as possible into a scene. After showing it to my writer group, and they actually laughing instead of cringing, I decided to keep going and tell the story of Max Power; Private Eye, Spy, Superhero, Nobel Laureate.

Shortly after finishing, I heard about a new program Amazon is trying out called Kindle Scout. It has a contract similar to the one I had with Grey Gecko Press for Aristeia. I had a great experience with GGP but I was intrigued by the Scout program as it allows people to pre-vote on which books get contracts. This sounded like a much better system than the old fashioned one of a giant slush pile of books that a publisher may never read.

So I decided to give Scout a try. You can check out a sample of the book there and then nominate it for a contract. The more people who do this, the better the chances are.

Nominate the book on Amazon Kindle Scout and read a sample chapter

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