Comicpalooza 2015

It’s that time of year again. Comicpalooza is here. This will be my fourth year running attending the con, the biggest for SE Texas. I’m looking forward to some interesting panel discussions.

If you’re in Houston and will be swinging by the Con I’ll be on panels every day, one each day in the afternoon. Below is the schedule. Come by and say hi. Though, I must warn everyone, I’ve been fighting some kind of flu and my voice is a little weak due to two weeks of sore throat. Hopefully I can speak loud enough for people to hear.

Friday- 4:00 PM- Panel Rm 21 – 352A-  “Star Trek vs Star Wars: It’s on!”

This panel is being hosted by the awesome Dominic D’Aunno so I couldn’t resist signing up. It’s not the deepest of topics but a lot of fun to talk about. Great way to kick off the Con.

Saturday- 5:30PM- Panel Rm 01 – 350A- “Essential Fantasy- The Books you Must Read”

While I haven’t written any fantasy books (yet) I’m looking forward to this one as I’m a huge fantasy reader. It will be great to share those books that I’ve read and enjoyed over the years. Since this panel is the latest in the day, I might try and get to the Con early for some other panels or get in the Xwing tournament at noon.

Sunday- 4:00 PM- Panel Rm 03 – 350B “Star Trek: Evolution of a Sci-Fi Franchise”

This panel looked interesting as I’m a huge Trekkie. The series certainly has undergone some remarkable changes over it’s nearly 50 year run. Will Aristeia someday see a panel like this?

Monday- 4:00 PM Panel Rm 03 – 350A “Sci-Fi Writing on TV- The Best (And Worst)”

What makes for good writing on TV? What TV shows are even Sci-fi these days? That’s something we’re going to try and figure out.

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