2015: Welcome to the Future

It is here, 2015. The year of the hoverboard, flying car and the Cubs winning the World Series. For someone who grew up in the 80’s with Back to the Future, 2015 is a big milestone for the future. It’s that mythical far off point in the future. And it’s here now.

What do we have to look forward to during the real 2015? Starting with entertainment we’ve got a lot of good movies coming out. Avengers 2: Age of Ultron looks amazing. I’ve really been enjoying the MCU. Agents of SHIELD has been a great show to watch. There’s also Ant-Man but that’s an unknown quantity.

Then we have a new James Bond: SPECTRE. I’ve enjoyed Daniel Craig as Bond. His first one, Casino Royale, is one of my favorite Bond movies. Quantum of Solace was only okay but Skyfall rivaled Casino Royale. And now dipping back into the classics with SPECTRE? That should be good.

Of course the big movie for the year, Star Wars VII: Force Awakens. I’m hopeful for these new set of movies. Disney has done well with Marvel. And they can’t be worse than the prequels (fingers crossed). ┬áThe teaser trailer at least looked good. It really gave the feel of the originals.

Moving past movies I’m not sure what other entertainment to look forward too. I hope to have a book out this year though the when is always a question. I haven’t paid enough attention to other writers that I follow to know when anything I’m looking forward to is coming. The latest Dresden Files just came out so don’t expect another this year.

in the news and politics world there is no major US elections this year so less annoying campaigning to avoid. Though, we have a Republican controlled Congress to deal with for the next two years so that’s going to be tragic. The only possible silver lining is that they have two years to really screw things up before a new Presidential election. But that is just looking forward to rebuilding after a fire.

What technological developments do we hope to see this year? Well, there was a Kickstarter for some actual hoverboards so that’s something. Probably the iPhone 19 or something (Android FTW).

In the personal realm I made a modest weightloss gain last year. Down 16lbs for the year. It stalled for quite awhile but I never really went back up (aside from during the last few holiday snack fueled weeks). It’s a simple approach of just paying attention to it rather than any particular diet plan. I’ve found it to be the most sustainable, though not necessarily the fastest. Those two are kind of mutually exclusive. I’ll try and beat that number this year, if only just a little.

I started playing X-wing miniatures game this year and have had a lot of fun with it. A third faction is coming for the game next year. As well as a capital ship miniatures game, Star Wars: Armada. I’m torn where to spend my money. The games are expensive and hard to justify both.

Other games, not sure what’s coming to look forward too. We finally got an Xbox One so will get games for that occasionally. Predestination is a 4X strategy game I backed on Kickstarter that should hopefully be released this year. I grabbed Galactic Civilization 3 on the Steam Winter sale though it’s still Beta so will wait till its complete to play it.

But I think I’m done with MMO’s. I rarely play STO anymore and after a short dip back in SWTOR I’ve decided they are to time consuming and expensive for me now a days. Maybe try Star Citizen out but don’t actually expect that to release this year.

Overall, I am excited for 2015. It should be exciting.

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