Gamer Nation Con and Exclusive Short Story: “Rock Falls”

Are you a gamer? Do you like gaming conventions? If so then you should check out Three Days of Gaming Goodness, Gamer Nation Studios convention. They are currently running a Kickstarter to prepare for the 2nd Annual event to be held next March. Special guests will include the Emperor’s Secret Crashdown Vampire Apprentice; Sam Witwer. And developer for Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars RPG, Sam Stewart.

I went last year and it was a load of fun. Lots of games. Lots of great people. And I’ll definitely be attending again this year.

The Kickstarter has already funded, so the convention WILL happen.  But its not to late to get in on it. Through the Kickstarter you can get good value tickets and access to a whole array of quality backer awards.

What kind of quality awards you ask? Several campaign modules for RPG’s for starters. Oh and a little, exclusive, short story written by yours truly. To support this great event, i wrote up an gamer themed short story called “Rock Falls” just for them. For at least the next year, the only way you’ll be able to read this story is by backing this Kickstarter.

So head over there. If you can’t make the convention you can still get the swag by supporting them.

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