Pacific Voltron

I’ve been looking for an excuse to get out of the house for a few hours by myself. Normally, I do this by going to a movie. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been anything out that I felt like spending $10 on. But this weekend I discovered that the cheap theater (can’t call it a $1 theater anymore, since it’s $2) had Pacific Rim. I had heard some good things about it and figured it was worth $2.

*Yeah, spoilers*

I’m happy to say the movie fulfilled its roll perfectly. It was cheesy, predictable, unoriginal and trope heavy. But it embraced that roll. For a movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters, you couldn’t do anything else.

The camp and bad science reached an almost unbearable point when one of the monsters let off an EMP, disabling the big shiny new robot. The hero had to run and get into his old “analog” robot. His nuclear powered, virtual brain interface analog robot. I almost couldn’t take it anymore but they acknowledged their place in the following battle.

After defeating one of the evil monsters and moving on to fight a second, the beast spontaneously sprouts wings and then starts flying the hero robot high into the sky. There’s nothing our heroes can do. So they pull out a sword. A. God. Damn. Sword. And it’s just as ridiculous as it sounds. But I grew up with Voltron so I loved it.

Voltron always had to pull out his sword to win. Its how every episode had to end. So here, in full HD brilliance, we have a giant robot pull out a friggin’ sword to defeat to a flying hell monster. I laughed out loud it was so perfect.

While I’m glad I didn’t spend full movie price for it, for  $2 as a Saturday afternoon distraction the movie was well worth a viewing.

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2 Responses to Pacific Voltron

  1. The best description of the movie – of ANY movie – I’ve ever heard was about “Pacific Rim:”

    “Giant robots fight giant monsters. If you need to know anything else about this movie, it isn’t the movie for you.”