Today was supposed to be the start of a new era. We started our son in a “Mother’s Day Out” program twice a week. It’s billed as a preschool, and is part of a preschool, rather than a daycare kind of thing. This will give him a few hours each week to interact with other kids and will give me a few hours each week to get stuff done.

Unfortunately, my body has different ideas as I am now sicker than I’ve been in years. To put it in perspective, before last night, I had only thrown-up once in the last fifteen years, and that was a reaction to pain and pain drugs on an empty stomach, no illness. I’ll save you the gory details but it was not a fun night.

Not sure how much work I’ll get done on my first day with free work time in awhile. But on the bright side, i can watch “Breaking Bad” now without feeling guilty. (Edit: Except its not available for streaming yet, grr)

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