X-Rebirth finally has a launch day, Nov. 15th. Already available for pre-order on Steam.

I’ve been interested in this one first awhile. I enjoyed X-3 a lot. Built up a massive fleet of ships and a huge starbase. I had a lot of fun exploring and building.

But it did have some problems.  The controls were kind of clunky, making interacting with a fleet difficult. Building your space station was really cumbersome when trying to make it look nice. Mine ended up being a massive twisted pile of metal.

rebirthDespite all that, when I heard about a new one coming that would fix some of those issues I was pretty excited. And then two years passed. I had kind of forgotten about the game, checking on it every so often just to see if it had officially been canceled or something. But this time, its got a release date.

Some of the cool highlights of Rebirth:

  • Crew and Interiors- Before you just flew around a ship. Now you get to go inside it and see, and interact with, your crew.
  • Capitalships- instead of them just being bigger fighters, they are real capitalships. You can dock, walk around, and give the crew orders. You can play the admiral more than dogfighting using a huge ship
  • Drones- While it seems you’re limited to direct control of one ship, and no ability to change ships, you do get different drones you can launch that do things. This could be an interesting mechanic if you can control them from a big distance. Then you can do stuff and never die.

Here’s a video I found of some people talking about it. Gives some good run down and concerns. Along with footage.


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