Living on the Edge- Ep. 6

After downing an Arkanis Mining Guild patrol ship, our intrepid heroes have a chance to take a look at their spoils. The ship is in reasonably good condition, having been disabled with ion cannons and crashing into relatively soft sand. Emiko manages to bring the engines back online while Verci and Ria take their Imperial prisoner to the delayed meet with the Rebel Alliance.

During the transaction, Verci makes a feeler to the Rebels on their interest in acquiring an IR-3F System Patrol craft; slightly used. Lieutenant Thon isn’t authorized to make a deal of that size but does arrange a safe harbor for them to go to make repairs while she speaks to her CO. Our heroes head off for Mos Espa and a small shipyard run by Ryo Chanden. Verci uses all of her “charm” to persuade Ryo to help them, triumphantly scoring them a long term friend.

Over the next month, the crew set to work repairing the badly damaged Pink Lady while the Rebels take possession of the IR-3F, paying them a sum of 50k credits and a new transponder code. Rechristened the Lonely Refuge the old Wayfarer is now in peak condition. During the repairs, Emiko took some time to install a new targeting array and enhanced RCS thrusters, making the lumbering beast more dangerous foe.

During their stay in Mos Espa, Sama’el ran into an old member from his Imperial army unit. Unexpectedly, this encounter turned dangerous as Amurth assumed Sam was there to kill him. It appears several members from their unit have been killed recently, and rumors pegged Sam as the assassin. Refusing to defend himself, Sam succeeded in disarming the situation and Amurth ran off.

Ria also had a little adventure, saving a young Rodian boy from a gang of alien hating human boys. She tried to pick a fight with two security guards who sat by and watched but instead of being arrested, succeeded in shaming them.

Once the repairs were complete, the crew headed out to Kemal station to try and track down Cease Fussal or Taygeta Panaybe. Emiko owed Taygeta a favor for getting her away from Sienar Systems and he might be able to lead them to Cease, who Arkanis is certainly after in order to recover the stolen lightsaber.

They find Taygeta alone in The Bar, drowning his sorrows. His copilots, Mirel, was recently nabbed by the Imperials and is now sitting in a jail cell on Sirpar, awaiting shipment to Mika penal asteroid. Seeing an opportunity to pay down Emiko’s debt, and gain some info on Cease, the crew volunteer their services in rescuing Mirel.

With their new clean transponder, they have no trouble landing in Sirpar. With little time, the crew sets about planning the rescue. Sam uses his intimate knowledge of Imperial procedures to suggest getting him a fake ID and then simply walking onto the base. The others are a little skeptical but with a frontal assault being the only other alternative, they move forward.

After a few days of scouting, they identify an Imperial army captain who regularly visits a strip club not usually frequented by Imperials, due to the alien clientele. Verci gussies herself up and moves in, ready to use her Charms to seduce the young officer. Unfortunately, the clubs owner does not take kindly to free agents working in his space. Thinking fast, Verci agrees to work for the club owner and takes the stage. While she proves a smashing success, drawing the attention of everyone in the bar, except the lonely Imperial.

Opting for the direct approach Sam follows the officer out of the club and impersonates Imperial security. Being unarmed, the officer follows him back to a hotel room. When Verci walks in he realizes the fraud but not before Dr. Evie can inject him with a sedative.  The good doctor then shows her criminal side once again by taking the man’s ID and datapad to triumphantly tweak them for Sam’s use along with fake orders to release the prisoner, Mirel, into his custody.

With his new fake ID, Sam rents a mid-size SUS (Sports Utility Speeder) and drives straight to the Imperial training base where Mirel is being held. Evie’s alternations prove effective and he gets right through. Acquiring the prisoner goes surprising smoothly, as his touch of signing the orders by Lorante Tarkin proves fortuitous, as his old nemesis happens to be commandant of the base.

Unfortunately, the prison sergeant insists on sending a pair of storm troopers with him, forcing Sam to stage an improvised ambush outside the base. He gets a little burned in the fight but the stormtroopers are dropped with little trouble. Surprisingly, the crew are able to make it off world without pursuit.

Reuniting Mirel with Taygeta on Kemal, Emiko’s debt is relieved and they learn that their old friend Cease was last seen headed to Vasch. What will they do when, or if, they find the thief? Pressure from Arkanis and the groups other obligations are weighting on them.


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