New Order 66 Podcast Kickstarter

Greetings dear readers! Several years ago I got into the Star Wars Saga Edition roleplaying game. I was coming out of SWG and looking for an alternative Star Wars RP fix for me and my fellow guild mates. The game system looked perfect.

Unfortunately, despite my serious geekiness, I had never really played an RPG, and had certainly never GMed. Looking for some advice, I discovered the Order 66 Podcast back in 2008. This proved to be a perfect resource for me as the hosts talked about all aspects of the gaming system from rules questions, to GM advice to interviews with the games developers.

Late last fall the hosts decided to transition from SWSE to Fantasy Flights new Edge of the Empire system. But after 5+yrs of podcasting, some of their equipment had started to show some wear and they decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign with a modest goal of $1000 to replace mikes and their soundboard. As of this post they have blown that goal out of the water and reached $6300!

Even though they have reached, and far surpassed, their goal, I want to highly encourage all of you to head over the Kickstarter page and back them. First, its a great podcast to listen to. ¬†Second, there’s lots of cool swag you’ll get as a contributor, including several stand alone adventure modules, map tiles by the esteemed Maps of Mastery artist Chris West, character tiles for use in Roll20, etc, etc.

And third, I have it on good authority that should the Kickstarter reach the amazing level of $10,000, (only $3500 to go) they will put together the first ever Gamer Nation Con in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for next March. These guys have had a lot of fun at GenCon and ReaperCon every year, it would be great to see what they could do with their own mini-con.

Since Houston is only a few hours from Dallas, if they can pull this off I plan to do my best to attend. Gaming for all. So swing by and help a great podcast and help bring about a new gaming convention!

PS: Also the Ennie Award voting is now open. Their game, Edition Wars, is up for an award as are several other blogs/podcasts/etc from the greater Gamer Nation community. Swing by and vote 1 for the following: VOTE FOR EDITION WARS!!! Transmissions from the Ninth World! Mazes and Perils RPG! and Triumph and Despair blog!

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