Blackhole of Communication

Attention readers, as you may have noticed I’ve been pretty silent here. After the contest and with “Tree of Liberty” fully released (hardback and paperback are now available), I’ve taken a little break from the blog. I’m in the process of contacting prize winners for last months contest but with the holiday last week, that has been slow going.

I’ll be doing some traveling soon to attend a wedding and then visit my older sister. I’m seriously debating extending my break from the blog throughout the entire month of July. I enjoy writing here but it will be nice to take a break.

Also, Civ launches its latest expansion tomorrow, Brave New World, which I need to force myself to wait to play due to vacation, so I expect I’ll sucked into losing most of my free time to that, as happens with any Civ release.

I might throw up a few posts if something particular strikes me but I won’t be making a regular effort to post for a few weeks.

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