And We’re Back

Just got back from a little vacation down in (sunny?) Florida. I question the sunny part because it rained every day, but I find that comforting. Growing up there you could set your watches by the 4pm summer  thunderstorm. It had been several weeks since it had last rained here in Texas, though we appear to have brought some back with us as it stormed pretty good last night.

While there we went to an old friend’s wedding and visited my sister.  My son had a lot of fun getting to play with his cousins. He’s getting to the point where he remembers and can identify who people are if you ask. My parents were also visiting and he was happy to see him, where as the last few times he took a little bit to warm up to him.

The amazing thing was how well he did traveling this time. It really  helped that my wife was there. Two people to wrangle a squirmy toddler is a lot easier. But he also just did better. He actually sat in his seat on the plane during takeoff and landing. On the way back, heeven fell asleep sitting there. It was amazing having him sleep without having to hold all 25+lbs of him for an hour.

I got a small boon right before leaving for the trip as my Star Wars Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook arrived. The estimated delivery date had placed it as arriving while I was on a plane. So instead of having to read it quickly now before my next game on Saturday, I got to flip through it a little before bed during the trip. Not a lot different from the beta rules I had but I now finally understand a few things a little bit better. For example, I had no idea how the Force worked based on the second hand explanations I had received previously.

Now it’s back to the regular grind. No more vacations, trips or visitors who stay with us for until Christmas. I’ll be going to WorldCon in August but that’s a worktrip so a little different. I’ve got a To Do list a mile and a half long though so the blog will still be a little sparse for the next few weeks.

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