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New Order 66 Podcast Kickstarter

Greetings dear readers! Several years ago I got into the Star Wars Saga Edition roleplaying game. I was coming out of SWG and looking for an alternative Star Wars RP fix for me and my fellow guild mates. The game …

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Living on the Edge Ep 3 & 4 “Hitting them Where it Hurts”

When we left our heroes they had just defeated a ship full of slavers using some rather…unconventional…tactics. ¬†As I am a slacker, i failed to write up the events of the next session, and then proceeded to lose my page …

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And We’re Back

Just got back from a little vacation down in (sunny?) Florida. I question the sunny part because it rained every day, but I find that comforting. Growing up there you could set your watches by the 4pm summer ¬†thunderstorm. It …

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The Trilogy is Complete

Got my copies of “Tree of Liberty” yesterday. The whole set looks good together.

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Blackhole of Communication

Attention readers, as you may have noticed I’ve been pretty silent here. After the contest and with “Tree of Liberty” fully released (hardback and paperback are now available), I’ve taken a little break from the blog. I’m in the process …

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