Video and New Giveaways

Pretty cool thing to share today.  I got an email last night from Aristeia fan and fellow author C.E. Thornton, who had just posted a Vlog on her YouTube channel. In this Vlog, the first in a series of recommendations,  she shares her thoughts about Aristeia. Very kind words and truly awesome to see someone speak so enthusiastically about something I created. It’s also nice to hear others who appreciate the excellent work Oliver did on the covers.

To add even more awesomeness, not only did she make this video recommendation but she also offered a signed copy of her book, “Shadowchild” to be added to the giveaway. Its the first in her “Guardian of the Light” series. Very cool. So swing by her YouTube channel and subscribe, as she has more recommendations planned.


Contest Entry:  Which Aristeia cover do you prefer? Which character not featured would you like to see Oliver bring to life in a theoretical future cover?

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One Response to Video and New Giveaways

  1. Caera says:

    Well people definitely clicked on the vid because my views spiked today. lol

    And yes, well done on the covers, Oliver! 😀