503rd Blog Posts!

I completely missed it but I made my 500th post here on the blog the other day. This one actually ends up being 503. “iPad vs Kindle Fire vs Galaxy” ended up being number 500. An interesting discussion but not really a good reflective topic.

I started writing here almost exactly two years ago. The first post, “All Head Full“, appeared on 22 June 2011. It wasn’t the most exciting start as I merely announced my intention to start writing.

Over the last two years I’ve talked about a wide range of topics:

  • Games 150
  • Geekery 140
  • Life 112
  • Politics 58
  • Writing 107
  • Other 48

Sure, that adds up to over 503 posts but some things fit multiple categories. All in all, that’s a surprisingly even spread. When I started I had no idea what I would talk about. Most blogs I read have a fairly succinct theme. They talk about video games for instance.

I don’t think I could have written 500 posts about just one topic. Not in two years at least. My interest in anyone thing wavers. I’m sure had I tried that the blog would have died awhile ago from lack of anything (interesting) to say.

Over the last two years the site has had over 7,000 unique visitors. I’m sure that’s nothing compared to most websites. But since that’s after Google Analytics filters out the spambots I feel it’s fairly impressive for a relative unknown. A significant portion of those numbers have actually come within the last several months.

What’s on the horizon? My interest in video gaming has receded significantly just over the last year. Kids will do that. There’s a few I’m paying minor attention too but I think the days of intense interest and play sessions are behind me. I don’t think I’ll follow any with as much interest as I had for SWG, SWTOR and STO.

There’s always new geek things to talk about. My Dad will actually be visiting for Father’s Day and we’re going to go see “Man of Steel”, so expect some thoughts about the new Superman. But after that, I can’t think of any other movies coming out this year I’m interested in seeing.

My intense interest in politics hasn’t changed but I have become more tempered about how I talk about them. Parts of that’s less time to be engaged with issues. Part of that is frustration with the state of discourse. And part of it is just the acceptance that you’ll never change anyone’s mind with a few words on the internet.

I expect my wild rantings and ravings about many different topics will continue. It’s a fun outlet and a good chance to engage with fans, friends and the internet at large. Here’s to the next 500 posts!


Contest Entry #6: What was your favorite blog post entry so far?

OR What topics would like me to discuss in the future? You can be specific or general.

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4 Responses to 503rd Blog Posts!

  1. Jedi_Rabbit says:

    My favorite is a tie between your list of your top ten movies and your essay about space travel in the Aristeia universe.

    I like it best when you talk about your own writing/ your writing process, and I hope to hear some details of your next project(s) soon.

    • Wayne says:

      Thanks Rabbit. I’ve thought about doing more stuff along those lines; delving into the evolution of characters in Aristeia.

  2. Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics (I.C.E.) says:

    I enjoyed your posts about your laptop getting the blue screen of death and your experience at comicapolozza. The dreaded bsod haunts us all. I absolutely love your rants because I mostly agree with them and the don’t be a dick party post was classic. The life and writing categories are my favorite. I’d like to see some more rants about people and rough experiences with customer service because they are things that we all go through. Keep up the great work!

    • Wayne says:

      Thanks ICE. Those categories are ones I’d rather never write again, because to write about them I have to have experienced something annoying to provoke them. But we all know that’s inevitable. 🙂