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Tree of Liberty- Alternate Universe

Sometimes when you’re writing you have what you think is a great idea. As you go, you realize the idea is either A) just not going to work or B) terrible. This scene I wrote as the original opening to …

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Comicpalooza Thoughts

I spent most of the past weekend at Comicpalooza. I’m a natural introvert so three solid days surrounded by people was pretty draining. Regardless of that, I have to say I had a lot of fun. The panels went well. …

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Ballad of the Sick Child

I intended to have a post about my experiences at Comicpalooza today…but instead I’ll be taking care of a sick child. He’s a bit better than he was yesterday so hopefully we’ll have it tomorrow.

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Best of Both Treks

With the release of Star Trek: Into Darkness and Legacy of Romulus expansion in STO, this is becoming Star Trek week here. I thought I’d embrace that and take a look at my ranking of the twelve movies. I’m going …

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Star Trek: Into Darkness Review

As should come as no surprise, I went to see Star Trek: Into Darkness this weekend. It’s good. Good Trek or good movie you ask? I’d say both. How can that be you ask?  Well…Wait, before I get into that …

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Legacy of Romulus- First Look

Star Trek Online had an open beta for Legacy of Romulus expansion this weekend.  I have a mixed opinion on beta’s; I don’t like to have things spoiled (and need to play through content twice) but I am also quite …

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Comicpalooza Schedule, Goodies and Tree of Liberty Pre-Order

The time has come dear readers, “Tree of Liberty” is now available for pre-order! What’s the advantage of a pre-order? You get the book the earliest you can (unless you come to Comicpalooza*) You save 10% You get a free …

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Free to Fly

While traveling last week, I started thinking about the recent trend in airlines.  Gone are the days of buying a plane ticket and being done. Now, you are constantly running into more ways to pay, many times for things you …

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How to Fly with a Toddler

I’ve just returned from visiting my parents. Corralling a toddler alone on multiple plane flights is quite exhausting. Surprisingly, it didn’t go to bad. He only had one tearful meltdown and only a handful of fussy moments.  Most of the time …

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I’m off to visit my parents for the week so no new and exciting revelations into my mind this week. My wife has to work so this means I get to fly across country with a toddler all by myself. …

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