Help me internet, you’re my only hope

Last week I wrote about some guild drama that had taken place in my STO guild/fleet.  At the time, I was just annoyed and venting. I thought it would all go away. I was very wrong. Two nights ago, things came to a head and a group of fleet mates asked/demanded that I step down. I point blank refused.

This refusal led to people who were not initially calling for me to step down to say I should. The discussion was less than pretty.  I won’t bore you with the details about the drama. You’d only have my side of it and that wouldn’t exactly be a fair way to judge the situation.

The situation as it exists now is that many people have left the guild. A small subset has persisted, one of them a former guild leader. He was one of the ones who was pretty nastily vocal about my stepping down yesterday. But tonight,  we actually managed to have a real conversation as two people.

After our talk, I said i would think about stepping down and handing control over to him. I told him I would give him my answer the next time I log in. That means I can’t log in again until I decide.

So, internet, what should I do? Here’s the situation:

I find myself in sole control of a fleet with a starbase that is almost Tier 4. Across all my alts, I have donated more to the starbase than the next 4 highest contributors combined (approximately 11 million fleet credits worth).  After those 4, I don’t think the rest of the fleet combined would equal, or at least not far exceed, my contributions. I have quite a bit invested in this starbase.

I could keep the starbase, letting everyone else leave (or stay gone since most have already left):

  • I could then have a fleet of 1 and play the solo game. This would be suboptimal but
  • I could attempt to rebuild a fleet from scratch. This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve built a fleet from scratch. My SWG guild stayed together for, well we’re still hanging out on our old forums 4yrs after the majority of us left SWG.
  • I could sell/give the starbase to a smaller fleet that would like a boost.
  • I know this would be a violation of the Don’t Be A Dick principle. Whether or not I was in the right to refuse to step down, its still kind of a dick move to dismiss everyone else.

Or I can step down, trusting the other guys word that I won’t be removed and try and rebuild the group.

  • While I trust his word, I’m not sure I want to group with many of these people anymore. Some of them got really nasty with their personal attacks against me. Regardless of anything else I might have done during all of this, that is one line I never crossed. Came up to and scuffed, but never crossed.
  • The most likely outcome of this is my leaving the fleet. Even if not kicked, its not a friendly environment anymore. Some would forgive me if I make this gesture but it would still be there, hanging over everyone’s head.
  • This would be the kind/mature thing to do. I may have donated the most to the starbase but a fleet is a collection of many people. I may feel that I’m not at fault for the situation getting to this point, but that doesn’t necessarily matter.

I’ve considered making, as a condition of me stepping down, the agreement that the two malcontents I view as responsible for this whole mess not be welcomed back. I don’t know if this would make things worse or be for the best. I also don’t know if its fair. I feel they’re primarily responsible for this whole mess but I am also biased. Others, obviously, feel fault lies entirely with me. I just know I don’t like these two very much right now and have no desire to share a fleet with them ever again.

So, dear readers, what do you think I should do?

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4 Responses to Help me internet, you’re my only hope

  1. Jake says:

    KAAAAAARS! (said like “KAAAAHN”)

    Just say “F-it” and come back to SWTOR!

    But seriously, I’d suggest if you step down to not have to tolerate people that may be causing malcontent. So if the intent is to bring these people back after you step down, I’d suggest to start your own solo empire!

    • Wayne says:

      Hahaha. I’ve thought about going back to SWTOR. I’m just not that big into raiding.

  2. Charles says:

    I find it a bit odd that the person who was most vocal about this stayed in the fleet. That to me just seems like he wants something out of this.

    I’d step down and give it to someone other than that person (to someone you trust more. Maybe even bring in someone from outside the guild to run it.), and stay in. Then, I would strike a deal with the new leader that those who committed the personal attacks against you were not to be re-accepted (or kicked, if they stay in and continue the attacks)

    That way;
    1: You are given some credibility back, as you stepped down.
    2: You get to stay in the fleet you helped build
    3: The suspicious person doesn’t get leadership, or what ever it is he wants.
    Which I don’t think he should anyways, from the sound of it…
    4: Someone you trust over the other people is in control. Preferably someone with either no or a good reputation on the server. This way, the guild can actually recruit without having issues.

    Maybe give the former guild officer a position in the new leadership, but not as the leader.

    That’s all if you wanted to stay of course. Otherwise I would have said “Screw you guys, I’m going home!”… then either make a whole new guild or find another game to RP on.

  3. James/Arz says:

    Well, I feel I really should put my 2 cents in here mate, as a very long time, albeit currently inactive member.

    In response to Charles, bringing in an outside person to be leader, would not sit well with me, purely speaking as a member.

    My suggestion is that you hand the leadership over, if not to Doaga, then to me, No one will argue the contributions you’ve made to the fleet, but as you said it’s supposed to be a community and generally go by majority rule. At least get a hold of me on AIM or in game or on the forums/email so we can talk about it.

    Sorry for the short post, it’s been a long day and it’s not over yet.