Busy Busy

I just wanted to put up a quick note here that I haven’t abandoned the blog. Been a bit busy and just haven’t had anything I’ve wanted to blog about. Some idea on whats going on:


In the final line-item editing stage. Mostly grammatical work. Not much for me to do at this point with it.



This is my current next project. I’m not talking much about it at the moment though. Want to see how much I like writing in this world and how the story shapes up.



I’ve had a few articles go up on the GSA lately I haven’t cross posted here:

Obligometer- Responsibility

Heroes on Demand- Jedi Teras Kasi Gunslinger

Obligometer- Obsession

Obligometer- Family


Edge of the Empire

Working out a campaign to begin running in Star Wars Edge of the Empire. The book got delayed to July (boo!) so I took what info I could gleam from people with the beta book and we’re diving in anyways. I’m super excited to begin. It will be a load of fun to be playing around a table.


Super Secret Project

I have also begun work on a super secret project. If I say more, I’ll have to kill you. Using the internet.

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  1. Looking forward to Aristeia 3.