Best of Both Worlds

I went to see the remastered release of “Best of Both Worlds” last night at the theater. While I don’t own a Blu-ray player, I am considering getting one specifically for the purpose of getting the remastered TNG. It was a fun experience to go see one of the best Trek episodes with my wife and a crowd of other Star Trek fans. While the theater wasn’t packed, it was probably fuller than most of the other theaters for a Thursday night showing.

I’m pleased to report that the Borg were still defeated and Earth saved.  The reports of an Ensign Jar-Jar being digitally added to the crew were greatly exaggerated. He was only in like four scenes, and one of them as an assimilated Borg drone so he didn’t speak. And yes, Picard no longer shoots first. But really, those are just minor changes.

Seriously though, the remastering was very well done.  Everything is crisper and just looks better. Even though they could have scaled up the CGI for the episode they choose not to, merely cleaning up the effects instead of replacing anything. For example, the graveyard scene could have be enhanced with CGI ships, so that the destroyed ships were actually recognizable as particular vessels but they didn’t. While in some ways that would have been cool, I’m glad they preserved the original scope.

In addition to the episode, the showing also had a “Making of” documentary and some gag reels. The documentary was interesting, apparently Levar Burton has not seen more than half the TNG episodes. On one hand, I’m amazed you wouldn’t want to see the completed project of something you worked on. On the other, as an author, I can understand. I’ve never read the final version of my books, though that’s essentially just grammar changes.

The gag reel was great. People in Star Trek don’t curse much so it’s odd to see the cast curse when flubbing a line but very funny.  It’s a good look at how much fun they had on set when you see a glimpse of the unfinished view. And, of course, there was the customary walking into doors that didn’t open in time shot.

All in all, it was a fun experience. The episode looked awesome and makes me want to go get a blu-ray player.

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2 Responses to Best of Both Worlds

  1. Jedi_Rabbit says:

    That sounds awesome Best of Both World’s is my favorite TNG episode.

    • Wayne says:

      Same. I remember being so excited when the 2nd part aired originally. I had broken my leg shortly before. I have no memory of watching the first part however. I was only 9 though.