Resistance Continues

I wrote awhile ago about the growing resistance to the excessive testing in schools over the last decade.  Now, the resistance is spreading.

Today in Colorado, a massive student walkout of the states TCAP test is being orchestrated.  Either by simply walking out of the test or skipping school entirely and going to occupy the state capital, high school students are being encouraged to opt out of the test.  Students are the ones who are being affected by these poorly conceived educational “reforms” and its nice to see them getting involved.

This effort is part of a larger Opt-Out program encouraging parents and students to take a stand against the destruction of the public school system.  Politicians are to wrapped up in the narrative that testing is the only way to fix the problem. I doubt many of them actually want to see public education destroyed and replaced with a corporate school system (ala Charters) but they’ve been fed this line of reform through testing for so long that its just accepted as the way things are. The only way it’s going to change are through actions like this one.

This will be only one small step in a long and arduous effort. But it’s a positive step. Good luck Colorado student, parents and teachers.

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One Response to Resistance Continues

  1. For a great book about our education system read “Stop Stealing Dreams” by Seth Godin.