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The Sound of Aristeia

As I hinted at last week, the audio version of Aristeia: Revolutionary Right would be coming soon. And now it’s here and available on Audible¬†now. It will be available through iTunes and Amazon in the next few days. I was …

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Spaceward Ho!

Back in 1990, Spaceward Ho! was my first 4X game. It introduced me to the genre, setting the stage for Civilization and every other 4X game I’ve enjoyed over the years. It was a fairly simple game by today’s standards …

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Obligometer Continues

I continue to delve into the Obligation system of Edge of the Empire today on the GSA. Check out a look at the Betrayal Obligation.

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The Book is Better

Books and movies are often linked. For many blockbusters, a book will be written to be released with the movie. Many popular books get made into movies (note to movie studios reading this, Aristeia would make a great set of …

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Clone Wars

Last week the Clone Wars was canceled. On the same day, I received disc 1 of season 1 from Netflix. I had heard good things about the show from many different people. Though its a cartoon intended for kids, they …

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Legacy of Romulus

For the past few months, Cryptic has been teasing something about the next big update in May. Dan Stahl, chief developer, started calling the May update “so much more than a Season” (their usual update terminology). For the last month …

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What’s this?

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Today I start a new series of articles on the GSA. I’ll be taking a look at the Obligation mechanic of Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG. We’ll explore the types of obligation and ways you can use the …

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Full of Win

This weekend I got to play a tabletop RPG with a group IN PERSON. I got into the RPG thing pretty late in life. I dabbled in DnD with a few friends a little in 6th grade but that became …

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Kickstarter- Cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems

The impact of Kickstarter continues to grow. Now Kickstarter has been used to revive noted geek show canceled before it’s time Veronica Mars. ¬†And they achieved $2mil in funding in just 10hrs. They currently sit at $3.3mil with 28 days …

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