Weekend Wrap-up

Had a lot of fun at OwlCon this weekend. Didn’t see a lot of sales of Aristeia but Grey Gecko in general did pretty good.It’s a nice quiet little con. Comicpalooza and, hopefully, WorldCon later this year will be much more hectic. But also, hopefully, produce better sales.

While at the con I picked up a new game from Roll2Play. There were lots to choose from but I opted for a game called Space Cadets. It’s a 3-6 player cooperative game where you play as the crew of a starship. It looks like it will be fun and perfect for our regular game group.  Look for a review on the GSA next week.

I also finally broke down and made some other game purchases. I ordered the Edge of the Empire beginner box as well as the Star Wars card game from FFG. Hopefully the card game will be a fun thing to play with my wife. And I already know EoE is fun. Now I’ll have incentive to try and get our game group to play it.

Related to gaming, for the first time in two months, my Star Wars Sage Edition Skype group met for an awesome game session.  One of the PC’s met a heroic end in an epic encounter. That was a lot of fun. Of particular note, the GM bend a lot of the Saga rules to pull it off, which is all for the best. But the way it worked, feels like exactly the kind of thing EoE is designed to do.

That was my weekend.

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