My wife bought a CD off Amazon recently and discovered the new AutoRip feature they have. For certain albums, when you buy the CD, you automatically get the MP3 version added to your Amazon Cloud Player.   If you use the Amazon player, it saves you the hassle of having to rip the CD yourself and then upload it. It also allows you get the music immediately and still have a CD come to use in those places that don’t have MP3 players, such as cars that aren’t real new.

I also discovered a lot of albums I bought as CD’s years ago in my Amazon player. So they are back dating everything you bought that qualifies. Which is unexpected.  Now, we use the Google Player for our online music storage so we aren’t going to take a big advantage of this much but it’s nice to see. When Amazon first started offering the Cloud Player, I tried uploading a bunch of are music, but it didn’t recognize the files. So I had hundreds of songs that were Unknown Artist, Unknown Album. Annoying. Google didn’t do that so it won.

I really like the whole cloud player concept. We have all of our music uploaded and can access it from either of our phones, computers or even Roku. Makes it  convenient to get too.

Now that Amazon is starting to directly give the MP3 version when you buy a CD naybe this means they will start doing this with other things as well. One of the things I like about my publisher, is they give free e-books to anyone who buys the print book. Unfortunately, they can only do that through their webstore, as Amazon doesn’t allow that currently. But maybe that’s not to far away. No more having to pick a preferred copy of a book. Get a nice hardback but then still have an ebook to read later. Even though, as the author, I would get more money if people bought two versions, I’m all for buying just one. You’re buying the book, get it in the format you want. Just like with music. Except, its pretty hard to rip a hardback book into an ebook.

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