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GSA Review: Ventura

My latest review is up on the GSA site. Learn about the Fantasy Flight game, Ventura.

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There are no endings…

…to the Wheel of Time. But it is AN ending. Took almost three weeks but I just finished listening to the final book in the Wheel of Time series. How was it? In a word, satisfying. That’s really hard to …

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To Fat to Run

For the last year or so I’ve been running as part of my effort to lose some weight and get into a shape that is not round.  It’s gone reasonably well as I can now get through an entire 5k …

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JJ “Star Trek Wars” Abrams

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the news that JJ Abrams has been picked to direct Star Wars Episode VII.  Now, the two biggest space adventure franchises are in the hands of one man. That’s a lot of geek power …

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My wife bought a CD off Amazon recently and discovered the new AutoRip feature they have. For certain albums, when you buy the CD, you automatically get the MP3 version added to your Amazon Cloud Player.   If you use …

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Viva La Resistance

Woohoo!! Teachers at a Garfield High School in Seattle have become the first ones to take a stand against stupid standardized testing.  The state’s MAP test is like many tests across the country. It requires hours of class time for …

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Fluxx Capacitor…Fluxxing

Ever wanted to play a game where the rules change but don’t have a imaginary tiger to play with? Check out my review of Fluxx over on the GSA and learn about a fun group game.

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Gamer Math

Over on the GSA, Jay Little, one of the senior designers on Fantasy Flights Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG, has written a few articles about the “Nerd Numbers”  behind the dice system in EoE. You can find the …

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We Can’t Beam Through Shields

I was exploring the possibility of having a transporter like device in a potential new story I’m working on. I like the idea of them, beaming over to an enemy ship for some quick action or having enemies beam aboard …

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Edition Wars

I take a look at Edition Wars over on the GSA today. Check it out.

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