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2012 in Review

The end of the year is upon us.  The world did not end so we have 2013 and beyond to look forward to. But before we do let’s take a look back at 2012. (For reference, here’s my 2012 outlook and …

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Happy Holidays

The family and I are off for the holidays. Flying internationally with a 10month old, yippee! Since I’ll be gone, this means I won’t be updating the blog much, if at all, since the world is going to end on …

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Check out another game review over on the GSA. This time I take a look at Fantasy Flights Constantinopolis.

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Warning this post may annoy you if you don’t actually read it and just jump to conclusions. In the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary there has been a lot of reactions from people. Fortunately, pretty much everyone …

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Unlike most people who call themselves Geeks, I have never read the Hobbit. I only read Lord of the Rings right before the movies came out. And then only because the chick I was dating loved them (we’re married now …

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Check out another edition of Games for Two over on GSA. This time I take a look at a new game we got during Fantasy Flights mega sale after Thanksgiving.

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Into Darkness

The first teaser trailer for the next Star Trek movie, Into Darkness, came out today. There’s a lot of interesting things in that 1min video. For awhile, it’s been rumored that Benedict Cumberbatch, whose playing the villain, would be Gary Mitchell. …

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Aristeia: Colonial War- Hero of Cardine

Many of the the stories for the Colonial War originated as pieces to help me flesh out background and side characters who appear in the trilogy. Most of them don’t get fleshed out all that much in the books, as …

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Games! Games everywhere!

Over the last few months I’ve been picking up games during Steam sales. Some of them are just to good to pass up. The great thing is I’ve gotten a ton of games for $10 or under each. The bad …

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