I read a great interview over on Space Sector with Daniel DiCicco, the developer of an upcoming game, StarDrive. It’s a 4X space game that’s currently in production and due out in 2013. While it’s real time instead of turn based, boo!, it does sound very cool.

What really sells it for me in the article is Daniel’s inspiration for many features; Escape Velocity. I’ve written about my love of this old game before so to hear it referenced as a design inspiration does much for increasing my interest in the future product. He also references Civilization and Master of Orion 2, which are also good games and more in line with the 4X genre.

That aside, there are many details in the interview that suggest StarDrive will be something different and exciting. The emphasis on starship design and control, for example, sounds really cool. One of the things I loved about Galactic Civilization 2 was the custom ship designer. StarDrive looks like it will take that a step further and also also you to fly the ships.

There’s a lot of good stuff in the interview so give it a read. I look forward to this game for next year.

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