Massive Book Sale

For Black Friday/Cyber Monday, my publisher, Grey Gecko Press, is having a massive sale on all of their books. The highlights are below.

  • Ebook short stories are FREE
  • Full-length ebooks are just $1
  • Print books are 20% off and, as always, come with the ebook free (this includes pre-orders, which are 20%, not 30% off)
  • Sale runs from 12am Friday to 11:59pm Monday
  • The sale is ONLY on our webstore
  • All shipping is 2-3 days
Get a copy of Aristeia: Revolutionary Right or Aristeia: A Little Rebellion while they’re on sale or get Lonesome while it’s free. They make great holiday gifts. ­čśë Also check out all of the other great authors. I personally can recommend The LIghtbringers┬ábut all of the authors do great work.

While I may recommend fighting back against stores opening ridiculously early, ie on Thanksgiving, for Black Friday, I have nothing against the day in particular.  Sales to kick off the holidays are great way to reach customers and it occurs at the start of the Christmas season, ie after Thanksgiving. Online shopping is especially great for this.

So go by GGP and pick up some books for friends and family for the holidays. (Warning: This suggestion is motivated by my own self interest. You have been warned)

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