A friend of mine is starting a new diet based on the new movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead“. He’s chronicling his journey on his blog, which you can follow along here.

The basics for the diet is a step above fasting. He’s only drinking juiced fruits and vegetables for 60 days. No solid foods. At first glance, this seems crazy and unhealthy. But like all health related things, even nutritionists and doctors have different opinions on it. The guy in the movie was monitored by a doctor and its advocated by a nutritionist.

The idea of losing 80+ pounds in 60 days sounds like an amazing thing. I need to lose at least that much and the idea of doing it a pound a week for two plus years is very daunting. It is unquestionably the best option, as if you can yourself to eat better, you’re more likely to stick to it for the rest of your life.

It is also a long way to go. I’m considering trying this juicing method, though it seems crazy. On the one hand, it might be unhealthy, and you still have to learn to eat properly at some point. It looks to be a miserable experience for at least the first week. Based on the movie and my friend’s experience, the first week seems like hell.

On the other hand, it seems like it works in dropping weight quickly without being to terribly bad for you. You are still taking in nutrients and calories from fruits and vegetables so its not exactly fasting. Getting to a lower weight quickly and maintaining it is a lot more achievable (at least in my mind) than getting there the old fashioned way.

Will I do it? I don’t know. I can see how it works for my friend first. If he survives, there might be something to it.

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