I went to see Skyfall this weekend. It was the first time I’d been to see a movie with my wife since our son was born. We’d both seen Avengers and Hunger Games but went at different times. But we love Bond so we made sure we both went together for this one.

And it was well worth it! Skyfall was one of the top Bond movies I would say. The action was good, the story engaging, the villian believable and ruthless without being over the top. As the 50th anniversary movie for the series, it also paid great tribute to all that had come before.

One of the nice things about the Daniel Craig, Bond is the pulling back from excessive gadgetry. Casino Royale was partially great because it was Bond winning, rather than a gadget allowing Bond to win. Skyfall started reintroducing some gadgetry to the world that helped Bond, without getting in the way.

The fantastical gadgets of some of the Bond films were always fun, and one of the things I enjoyed about the movies, but I really liked the reset in Casino Royale, which is why it’s pegged as my top Bond movie. It was nice that this movie found a nice middle ground between the two, with some useful, practical gadgets that helped the movie, rather than being there just because.

The car in GoldenEye really stands out as a symbol of gadgetry, in that it was introduced and a big deal was bad about it, but Bond never used it for anything. Yes, the car in Die Another Day was the epitome of over the top, but at least Bond used it a lot in the movie.

Definitely go see Skyfall. It’s a great movie and done very well. It wasn’t perfect, the villians plot did have some logical holes. But what super villian’s plan doesn’t have logical holes?

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  1. JediRabbit says:

    I thought it was pretty solid too. I thought Craig’s performance was sick, and his one liners had the perfect level of campiness where it’s still Bond but not too over the top.