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I read a great interview over on Space Sector with Daniel DiCicco, the developer of an upcoming game, StarDrive. It’s a 4X space game that’s currently in production and due out in 2013. While it’s real time instead of turn …

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Rivals of Catan

My latest article for the GSA went up yesterday. Head over there to read a review of Rivals of Catan. It’s a great two player game.

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What now?

The first draft of Aristeia Book 3: Tree of Liberty has been sent off to my beta readers. They’ll read it over and provide feedback. This will be followed by a round (or two) of edits. Then it’s off to …

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Massive Book Sale

For Black Friday/Cyber Monday, my publisher, Grey Gecko Press, is having a massive sale on all of their books. The highlights are below. Ebook short stories are FREE Full-length ebooks are just $1 Print books are 20% off and, as …

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all had a yummy meal with friends and family today. ┬áLast year I did a thankful post for every day. I liked the concept and I considered doing it this year. But I was …

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After last year’s collapse at the hand of harsh treatment by local police and cities, aided by the unrelenting coldness of winter, the Occupy movement appeared to leave the national spotlight. But despite what many thought, they didn’t die. For …

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Quantum Internet

A team in China has taken a major step forward in developed a quantum internet. They have succeeded in using quantum teleportation on a macroscopic scale to more “data” from one atom to another over a distance of 150m. This …

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A friend of mine is starting a new diet based on the new movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead“. He’s chronicling his journey on his blog, which you can follow along here. The basics for the diet is a step …

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New Romulus

Season 7 for Star Trek Online launches today. ┬áLike with anything Cryptic does, it’s a mixed bag. It’s hard to say whether this is two steps forward, one step back. Or one step forward, two steps back. We’ll see once …

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I went to see Skyfall this weekend. It was the first time I’d been to see a movie with my wife since our son was born. We’d both seen Avengers and Hunger Games but went at different times. But we …

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