Texas Book Festival

It’s been quiet on the blog lately.  The baby started crawling recently so I’m down to just nap time as potential writing time. And I’ve been trying to devote what time I have to Aristeia 3. That’s left little time to blog and no time for GSA articles.

But this weekend I’ll be at the Texas Book Festival. Grey Gecko has a booth and we’ll be there in force with lots of books to sell, including my two.  If you’re in the Austin area, come by and check us out.

One side effect of the Festival will be some free time, which seems paradoxical. But the festival doesn’t start until late morning on Sunday. Since the wife and kid are staying home, I’ll have an entire morning to myself to get some writing done. Or sleep. There’s a greater than zero chance I might just sleep.

But if I don’t, since I’m use to getting up on baby schedule, I have a chance to get some real work done. I crossed the 75,000 word line yesterday. Books 1 and 2 were between 105k and 110k and I think this one will be the same. I’ve started the ramp up to the final confrontation sequence so this should flow quickly, when I have the time to get to it.

Either way, this should be a fun weekend.

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3 Responses to Texas Book Festival

  1. JediRabbit says:

    Mr. Basta,

    I talked to my school librarian and told him about your books, and he ordered them. He told me that they are going to be in the library on Monday. Hopefully this will get you some exposure you deserve.