Top 10: All Time Movies

Last week I made a post about some old school movies I still haven’t seen. One of the commenters included a list of his top ten movies. Not only did this remind me a few more movies I need to add to my To Watch list (Blade Runner, Godfather part 2, chief among them) but it also got me wanting to do my own top ten list.

Now, I have a hard time picking what to put on this list. My tastes and opinions change, often based on my mood and what I have, or haven’t, seen recently. But the following movies are ones I will almost always enjoy watching or remain fondly in my mind no matter how long its been since i’ve seen it. The list itself isn’t necessarily in any particular order.

  1. Star Wars (Original trilogy)
  2. Back to the Future (trilogy)
  3. Oceans 11
  4. Indiana Jones (Raiders and Last Crusade)
  5. Rocketeer
  6. Iron Man
  7. Top Gun
  8. Star Trek 2: Wraith of Khan
  9. The Mummy
  10. Toy Story (all three)

Now, I lumped a couple movies together, but they were trilogies or series and I couldn’t pick just one.  Many people leave off Return of the Jedi but list New Hope and Empire. Analytically I have can see the flaws in Jedi. But when I grew up, that was the only example where Luke’s a badass Jedi. In Empire he’s training and Vader beats his ass. But in Jedi, he takes on an entire barge of bad guys, deflects blaster bolts and to a kid, is generally awesome. I can’t not include it.

Some of the ones on this list probably have many people say “What? Why?” They aren’t all necessarily the best movies. I would even admit that. But that doesn’t matter for a top ten favorites list. I might agree there are better stories, better acted, better put together movies. But these are the ones I love for whatever reason.

The ironic thing is, aside from Iron Man and Toy Story 3, most of these movies are from the 80’s and 90’s. For me, what makes a favorite movie is the ones that have stuck with me, that remind me of a child like wonder. Nowadays, I’m far more discriminating and analytical about my movie choices.  But as a kid, throw in some cool gadget, good music, at least decent acting and effects, and I was happy.

That’s why many of them revolve around something cool: rocket packs, hoverboards, time machines, armored flying suits, cool hats, space ships, lightsabers, fighter jets. A scrappy out numbered hero with a cool toy is cheesy, but I loved that as a kid. And still do, at least if I remember the movie.

The Indy, Mummy and Ocean’s 11 don’t necessarily fit into that category. Those are favorites mostly because of my wife.  We can throw  either of those movies on at any time and enjoy them.

So there you have it, my favorite overall movies. I enjoy lists so I might make this a regular thing.


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One Response to Top 10: All Time Movies

  1. JediRabbit says:

    That is a GREAT list. Awesome stuff. As a sci fi writer, Blade Runner and Aliens are musts, but those are all awesome movies.
    “He doesn’t like you. I don’t like you either.”