Old School Movies

I’ve been watching a lot of old school movies that I’ve never seen before recently. There’s a good chunk of them out there, as I seem to have missed many that almost everyone has seen. Not sure why as I love movies.

First up was Casablanca. I’ve hardly seen any movies from this era of film so it’s not to surprising that I’ve not seen this one. But it’s one of those real classics though. I knew all the famous lines but I didn’t really know much about the plot. Based on my knowledge of the lines, I could piece together some of the plot but there was a lot of detail there to explain everything.

Overall, I was enjoyable. Not super wonderful but not bad. Better than I expected.

Next up was Godfather. Now this one has been sitting by the tv for almost 5 months. We got it on Netflix a long time ago but just never felt like watching it. Mainly because it’s 3hrs. But this weekend we finally got down to watching it.

This is another one of those that most people have seen. It’s spoofed and player homage to enough places that there that I recognized a lot of elements. I had no idea what the plot was though, aside from Mafia!

Overall it was okay but there seemed to be a lot of missing explanation. Who they were fighting and why seemed unclear until the end.  There were also a lot of characters to try and get to know. And it was hard to understand Marlon Brando half the time. Glad I can say I’ve seen it but I liked Soprano’s better.

Last up is Alien. Now, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this one before and I only rewatched it because I know I’ve not seen Aliens and want to watch that one. But it must have been a long time ago because I hardly remember anything about the movie. And what I did remember, I wasn’t sure if it was just common knowledge stuff, alien pops out of guys stomach, or I had actually seen it.

It was pretty good, some things  a little hokey, some things held up very well. You could tell the effects were old but they didn’t look cheesy. Ripley wasn’t as much a badass as pop culture describes but maybe more of that comes from Aliens. For some reason I though the robot suit fight was in this one. But then, she’s just a civvie crewman on a freighter, so how badass can you expect?

I was also surprised in that the alien didn’t seem that invincible. They never really fought it, just tried to hunt it and got ambushed. So we never saw direct evidence of it being bullet-proof or fireproof or anything. That I think was a good thing, but I went into the movie thinking it was an invulnerable alien.

We’ll see what happens in Aliens here in the coming weeks. Then what other movies have I never seen? Got any suggestions?

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2 Responses to Old School Movies

  1. JediRabbit says:

    All three of those great movies, The Godfather and Casablanca being in my top 5 movies of all time. I read the book before watching the Godfather and I understood things alot better than I would have if I had just watched it, especially with names and ranks of different characters. And its an overall good read too.

    My top ten movies would be.
    1) Empire Strikes Back
    2) The Godfather
    3) Raiders of the Lost Ark
    4) Casablanca
    5) To Kill A Mockingbird
    6) Star Wars
    7) The Dark Knight
    8) Blade Runner
    9) Aliens
    10) Godfather Part II
    If you liked Alien, you will loves Aliens. Much better movie, and awesome action.

    • Wayne says:

      Just got Aliens from Netflix so will do some watching this weekend hopefully.
      That’s a good list. I like everything on there I’ve seen. Though I haven’t seen Godfather pt 2, Blade Runner, To Kill a Mockingbird, Aliens. But all need to be on my To Watch list hehe.