Here We Go Again

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I need to lose some weight and get into shape. A shape other than round. I’ve tried to get started a few times but kept stalling.  Granted my first attempt was right before the baby was born, so that was kind of asking to fail.

My best success has been with the Couch to 5k program. I started that a few months ago and finished the timed version of it. I’m now capable of “running” for 30min. That only gets me a little over a mile and a half though.  I need to double my speed. But I didn’t quit and am still running 3x a week, so that’s a success even if I still have a long way to go.

This weekend my wife and I started dieting anew. We cut out butter, cheese, sugar and really fatty stuff. Which was most of my diet before, sadly. For the next two weeks we plan to go for this hardcore and then start easing off on the harshest restrictions to something more sustainable.

The biggest reason is that I have something of a sugar addiction. Once I have it, I want MORE! But if I cut it out, the craving subsides. The butter and cheese is just bad for me.

What really makes this hard is the Halloween Oreos just came out this weekend. That’s a week spot for us. We never buy prepacked cookiees, except Halloween Oreos. No idea why they are so awesome since they shouldn’t really be any different in taste. I think I can taste the food coloring and like it, but fully admit that is probably BS.


But for the moment we’re committed to sticking to it this time. We’ve said it before and it turned out to be meaningless. But you gotta keep trying. So I was 331 on Saturday morning. We’ll see how the first two weeks go and the go from there. Positive results would certainly help the motivation.

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