Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 officially launched today. A few friends of mine were in the early launch. So far they are having a lot of fun and recommend the game.

GW2 is one of those games that I’ve casually watched for the last few years. The skill system, the world events and the World v World PVP system all seem interesting. I’ve heard good things about the detail level of some of the quests¬†which does sound like a nice touch. Having NPC’s follow a complete arc of events and not just vanish at the end really does seem like it would add a nice sense of immersion to the gameplay.

However,¬†though I’ve been casually interesting, it was never one of those must plays for me. Like some others I think I’ll hold off a bit before giving it a try. Give them a little bit to get past the launch bumps and see if the game is still fun in a week.

How long I’ll wait I don’t know. Since I’ve officially canceled SWTOR until F2P and am only casually hopping into STO my game time, what little there is, is opening up. I did start a new game of Skyrim though…

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