What is the GSA?

Are they an elite force of government assassins whose job it is to kill people who cheat in games?  Are they a group of gamers who write articles about games? Or are they crack team of heroes sent back in time to save the world from alien invaders?

I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you. (Pssst…It’s the first one…)

I recently took a gig writing for the new site Gaming Security Agency, under the guise of Agent 47.  The site is about sharing advice, tips, reviews and generally talking about gaming. It’s a spin off from Gamer Nation Studios, producer of Edition Wars, which itself evolved from the d20 Radio Network, which developed after the success of the Order 66 Podcast.

Boy, that’s a weird chain of events. Anyways, my first article went up yesterday, Play-by-Post, and I hope to keep contributing an article a week. I’ll have a follow up with some advice on PbP games next week. I’ve been playing in three PbP games on the old Rogue boards for the last few months, which has been my only real gaming, sadly.

Check out the site. There are a lot of cool articles about gaming up there, written about a lot of cool people who really love their games.


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One Response to What is the GSA?

  1. JediRabbit says:

    Thanks for the Play by Post Article. I do it occasionally. I love the Order 66 podcast!!