SWTOR Free to Play

Well, it’s happened. Star Wars the Old Republic is going Free 2 Play.

Does this mean that the subscription game model is officially dead? Maybe. If SWTOR can’t succeed on it, I don’t think we’ll see many more big games try. Is that good or bad? I dunno.

When I first played MMO’s back in college, I liked the subscription model. It felt worth the cost. With my current play style being much more limited, and far more bouncing between games, it proves to be a limiter. I have to ask if I’m going to play the game enough to justify the cost of a subscription.

As you may remember, I was contemplating whether or not to cancel my SWTOR subscription. Now that it’s going F2P my decision is made for me. I may not cancel right away, since I’m playing with some friends, but I won’t feel pressured to pay for the 6month plan. Just 1-2 months if I want to keep playing with that group and then go to F2P. The amount I play sounds like it will fit right into their free model.

Limited access to Flashpoints, PVP, Space missions and no Operations. That’s basically what I do now. I don’t see that changing much. How limited is the real question. If it’s 5 or more times per week then I’m golden. And I’ll definitely be able to play through all of the class stories like I wanted to do eventually.

The two big questions for the game’s future are: What will be in the Cartel store that’s worth buying? What kind of content will be added going forward?

If they follow the LOTRO model, I think they will do fine. LOTRO went F2P and has done very well. They’ve had a few expansions since and when I played, there were always things in the store that tempted me to buy. SWTOR is on the right track since they are giving away Cartel points to all past and current subscribers.

Some games never get new content after F2P since it’s merely a life support feature. SWTOR was mega expensive so that may happen here. They have some things already in the works which will come, but will things after that? Like guild capital ships? Continued character story arcs?

Should be interesting to watch again.

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