STO Character Profile: Jaarod Naris part 3

Starfleet Dossier: Jaarod Naris (circa 2409)

  • Rank: Rear Admiral
  • Species: Bajoran
  • Assignment: Commanding Officer, Task Force 733

In 2409, the ship’s of Jaarod’s special operations task force became integrated into Starfleet’s main fleet structure. The bulk of them joined TF-733, under Jaarod’s command as a freshly minted Rear Admiral. With the war with the Klingon’s coming to a stalemate, Jaarod looked forward to assigning his ship’s to regular exploration and scientific duties.

Taking command from aboard the old Excelsior class starship, Constitution, Jaarod began organizing the exploration of the Orellius sector and the Rolor Nebula. After the USS Beagle made first contact with the Deferi, Admiral Jaarod took the Constitution in to further diplomatic contact.

The Deferi proved to be a peaceful people. During Jaarod’s visit, the Breen began an assault upon the worlds of the Deferi. In the interest of furthering diplomatic relations, Jaarod chose to intervene on the Deferi’s behalf. The Constitution proved adequate to drive off the Breen raiders.

With no explanation evident why the generally isolationist Breen would engage in such outward hostility, Jaarod launched an investigation, pulling in many ships from TF-733 to aid and protect the Deferi systems.

USS Constitution

The Excelsior class ship has been in service with Starfleet for more than 120 years.  Often regulated to less glamorous duties, such as flagship’s for low level admirals, ship’s such as the Constitution have nevertheless continued to hold their own. Upgrade numerous times, the ship sport modern weapon systems, including transphasic torpedoes, and an advanced systems installed during the Dominion War.

These upgrades were the primary reason Jaarod choose Constitution as his flagship. Able to withstand greater enemy fire than the more dangerous Defiant classes, or modular Nebula classes, she provides a great platform for command and control during battle.

Constitution has a long line of credits to her name. She survived countless encounters during her early days as a frontline exploration vessel, the border wars with the Cardassians, the brief war with the Klingon’s in the 2370’s, the Dominion War, the fall of Romulus and now the latest war with the Klingons.

Class: Excelsior

Registry: NCC-91787


  • 4x Phaser Beam Arrays
  • 3x Mk XI Transphasic Torpedo Launchers
  • 1x Transphasic Torpedo Cluster


  • Dielectric Oscillation Resilient Shields (Rating 9,467)
  • Neutronium Armor x3 (39.4% average resistance rating)


  • Super-Cooled Combat Impulse Engines (Avg. Speed- 25.46, Turn Rate- 15.6º/sec, Max Speed- 154.2)
  • Polarized Parabolic Deflector Technology


When taking his position aboard the Constitution, Jaarod faced his greatest personal challenge. Like all Bajorans, he was raised with stories of the Cardassian Occupation. Though he grew up after the Occupation ended, Bajor was still rife with the scars and reminders. The discovery that Constitution‘s chief engineer was one of the few Cardassian  in Starfleet, Lt. Commander Dursal, gave him pause.

Jaarod’s initial unease was quickly dissipated by the ship’s commanding officer, Commander Kyry Yar, a fellow Bajoran and his former chief engineer from the Audacious. Kyry had spent the years since making the full transition into Starfleet from the Bajoran militia and then in the command track.  She had come to rely on Dursal in keeping the old ship operating at peak efficiency.

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