Couch to 5k

I started the Couch to 5k program two weeks ago. The way it works, is 3 days a week, every other day, you go on a run that is a series of running and walking intervals. Each week the run periods get longer with the eventual goal of you running the entire 20min run portion, with only a walking warm-up and cool down.

The first 4 sessions were agonizing. I was basically shuffling along during the run portions in pain and misery. Zombies probably could move faster than I was going.  But by the second session in the second week, 5th over all, I found it had failed to kill me.

Now, I’m still barely doing anything you would call “running” during the run portions. And I haven’t increased my distance much. But, even though the running segment has gotten longer, I sometimes feel like I could keep going; at least during the first half of it.

I’m confident that this program is good for improving my ability to run/jog for a reasonable amount of time. Whether or not I’ll do a full 5k by the end or not is up for debate. I’m currently only going about 2.1km.

Normally, I do the run in the evening, after my wife gets home and when it’s a reasonable (ie only 93 degrees) temperature outside. As I write this Monday after noon, it’s currently stormy outside and I have an even schedule for this evening. My plan was to run before going, but the rain and lightning my force a change of plans. If so, my third week may be the first time I miss a scheduled run. Let’s hope not though.

Overall, my current weight-loss/get-in-shape plan is proceeding reasonably. I’ve kept up some physical activity almost every weekday. I’ve been tracking what I eat and for the most part coming in at my calorie goal. The last few days with it being a holiday/vacation I deviated. Only lost ~4lbs so far, but that’s 2/week so that’s what my goal is.

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