STO Character Profile: Jaarod Naris part 2

Starfleet Dossier: Jaarod Naris (circa 2407)

  • Rank: Captain
  • Species: Bajoran
  • Assignment: Commanding Officer, USS Florida

In 2404, Jaarod was promoted to the rank of Captain.  The Audacious was reassigned as the command ship for Squadron 7316, operating as part of Task Group 73 out of Station K-7 along the Klingon border. A short time later, tensions with the Klingon Empire came to a head with the Empire’s invasion of the Federation world of Korvat. TG-73 took part in Starfleet’s first response force to engage in this new war.

Jaarod and the Audacious engaged in many battles against the Klingons over the early years of the war. SQ-7316 received several commendations and victories. Even though the squadron lost many crewmembers and suffered great damage to all ships at various points, only one ship was ever lost with all hands.

In 2406, after an engagement with a Klingon task force in the “Briar Patch” left the Audacious in need of extensive repairs, Jaarod received orders for a new assignment. Saddened to leave his first ship, he nevertheless felt pleased to be able to hand the reigns to his trusted first officer, Commander Mak’pa. Despite some grumblings about his Klingon heritage, Jaarod convinced Starfleet to not let that harm Mak’pa’s career.

Starfleet had formed a new task force to engage the Klingons with unexpected techniques. Convention combat tactics had, so far, been proven ineffective against the Empire.  The Klingon’s knew how Starfleet fought and, in the end, were simply better at it.

Because of Jaarod’s prior experience equipping non-standard technology onto Starfleet ship’s, he was tasked to head the engineering arm of the new task force. Several weapon and defensive technologies were acquirred and integrated onto several Starfleet ship’s in order to give the Klingon’s an unexpected challenge.

After the ship’s were upgraded, Jaarod took command of the task force with the temporary field rank of Commodore from aboard the USS Florida, a nebula class starship.

USS Florida

Though old, the Florida proved to be a perfect vessel for Starfleet’s integration project. Nebula class starships had been designed with modularity in mind. As a science focused ship, the idea to use some of the odd phenomenon Starfleet had encountered over the years was proposed by Jaarod’s new first officer, Commander Tavis of Vulcan.

Using what Starfleet scientists had learned, the Florida‘s systems were reconfigured to replicate a variety of stellar events. Artificial gravity wells give the ship the ability to maneuver Klingon ship’s, an effect modeled off of Tyken’s Rift provides an energy draining field to cripple systems by depriving them of power.

To further enhance the Florida‘s ability to cripple or slow enemy fleets, the weapon systems were further altered. All phaser banks were removed and replaced with phased polaron beam arrays, similar to those used by the Dominion. The torpedo tubes were reconfigured for chroniton warheads. These temporal based weapons create microscopic time bubbles, slowing time within them. The effect lasts only a brief period, but it is enough to allow those outside the field enhance reaction time to enemy actions.

Already well equipped to generate tachyon detection grids to help locate Klingon ships, all of these new technologies further cemented the Florida as the ideal fleet support ship.

Class: Nebula

Registry: NCC-92960


  • 3x Phased Polaron Beam Arrays
  • 3x Mk XI Chroniton Torpedo Launchers


  • Jem’Hadar based Resilient Shields (Rating 10,720)
  • Diburnium Armor (16% average resistance rating, 35% vs Disruptors)


  • Jem’Hadar based Combat Impulse Engines (Avg. Speed- 23.90, Turn Rate- 15.9º/sec, Max Speed- 147.8)
  • Jem’Hadar based Deflector Technology
  • Tachyon Detecton Grid Generator


The crew of the Florida were originally assigned to the ship to further. This scientific, rather than combat, background proved pivotal to the success of the ship’s reconfiguration. The ships’s chief astrometrics scientists, Lieutenant Iradwi of Bolia, developed the technique to effectively generate the field necessary to produce a Tyken’s rift without draining power from the ship’s own systems.

Lieutenant Commander Lumhi, a Ferengi and ship’s chief engineer, put Jaarod in contact with his uncle, Lenii. A salvage broker, Lenii provided Starfleet with access to recent salvage of a Jem’Hadar warship, for only a modest profit. With this new Dominion technology in hand, Jaarod brought Lieutenant Estishoo over with him from Audacious. Her knowledge of Dominion systems allowed the integration of so much Dominion technology with Starfleet design.

Found among the ship’s wreckage was a stasis pod containing a Jem’Hadar alpha child. When he woke up from his hybernation, the child grew into a fully function Jem’Hadar adult in a matter of weeks. Again, Estishoo proved instrumental in helping guide Zunayerst, convincing him that working with Starfleet was the will of the Founders. Jaarod decided to use Zunayerst’s genetically programmed knowledge of the Dominion weapon technology, and trained him for duty at the ship’s tactical station.

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