STO Character Profile: Commander Jaarod Naris

Last week I mentioned I had started toying around in STO again and talked a little bit about my alt Andorian.  That got me thinking about a fun writing exercise, why not write up a character profile for my main character? But I ran into a dilemma, my main is technically the Alien species in STO but I mostly play him as a Bajoran (I wanted to choose my traits). This has allowed me to have access to one of the games best features, a really good character generator. I’ve had fun with that and made several different versions of Jaarod: Bajoran, Cardassian, Klingon, a human and even a Yoda.

So, over the next few weeks I’ve decided to profile my character in his different incarnations, along with the bridge officers and ships. This may hold no appeal to anyone, but I think it will be a fun exercise for my imagination, and a chance to take some screenshots, which is another one of those things STO does well, look pretty. You may notice some ship names match those from my Aristeia series. I’m not that creative with names ;-).

Starfleet Dossier: Jaarod Naris (circa 2402)

  • Rank: Commander
  • Species: Bajoran
  • Assignment: Commanding Officer, USS Audascious

Jaarod Naris was born at the exact time that the Emissary to the Prophets, Benjamin Sisko, made first contact with the Bajoran Prophets. Jaarod’s mother was sick and Jaarod as not expected to survive delivery. Though his mother died, Jaarod’s survival at that holy time was viewed as a sign from the Prophets, and was taken in by an order of Vedeks.

Suffering from a debilitating condition during his entire childhood, Jaarod was treated by a team of Vorta doctors who were allowed to visit Bajor during the Dominion/Bajoran Non-Agression period. As a byproduct of this treatment, Jaarod developed the Vorta’s telekinetic abilities later in life. It was suspected that the Vorta used Jaarod as a genetic experiment, but those rumors were never substantiated.

When the Emissary returned to Bajor after his time with the Prophets at the time that Bajor joined the Federation, Jaarod decided his future should be in Starfleet. He enrolled in 2385 at 16 and was accepted. Pursuing an engineering path, he graduated in 2389 with degrees in starship design theory.

Jaarod’s first assignment was aboard the USS Constitution, an old Centaur class destroyer. In 2391, the Constitution was ambushed by a Nausican raiding party. Jaarod led a team in defending engineering from the invaders and received his first decoration for these actions.

From there, Jaarod went to serve aboard the Seraph and Daedalus before becoming Chief Engineer aboard the Cutty Sark. Following a three year deep space assignment, Jaarod transfered to the Command Branch and served as the commander of an engineering task force whose aim was incorporating some of the Borg technology obtained by Voyager into existing Federation starships.

Jaarod was fortunate in being able to take command of the first prototype ship using this new technology, the Defiant class Audacious, a class of ship he had desired to serve aboard for some time. Feeling a connection to his Emissary through the escort ship, Jaarod commanded her for several patrols near regions of suspected Borg activity.

USS Audascious

The Audascious was constructed during the Dominion War but was not commissioned until the final days of the war. She served as a sector patrol ship for several years before being mothballed for several years. When the anti-Borg task force was revived in the early 25th century, she was assigned as a prototype ship for the incorporation of new systems based on assimilated Borg technology.

Class: Defiant

Registry: NX-91981


  • Quad-Phaser Cannons
  • 3x Mk XI Quantum Torpedo Launchers
  • Mk XI Phaser Array
  • Mk XI Phaser Turret


  • Assimilated Regenerative Shield Array (Rating 5,999)
  • Neutronium Armor (24.5% average resistance rating)


  • Assimilated Borg Engines (Avg. Speed- 29.99, Turn Rate- 38.8º/sec, Max Speed- 170.3)
  • Assimilated Borg Deflector Technology
  • Cloaking Device


The crew of the Audascious comes from a diverse background. First Officer, Lt. Commander Mak’pa, joined Starfleet during a time of peace and like many Klingons before him, found his loyalties tested when the war with the Empire started.

Lieutenant Kyry Yis, chief engineer, is an exchange officer from the Bajoran Militia. Originally the Bajoran liaison to the Borg task force, Commander Jaarod requested her to join his crew. The most unusual crew member is medical officer, Lieutenant j.g Estishoo, who is one of the few Vorta serving in Starfleet. Despite the suspicions of what the Vorta did to him as a child, Commander Jaarod still accepted her into his crew.

Of the senior staff, Lieutenant H’Riao, the Caitian tactical officer, is the only officer that comes from a traditional Federation world.


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