Publishing- The Way it Should Be

My publisher, Grey Gecko Press, is currently running an Indie GoGo campaign in order to raise some capital to pay for some expansion. It’s a small publisher that’s just getting started so doesn’t have a lot in the way of on hand capital. And, unfortunately, advertising books is expensive.

The company is a great innovation in the publishing industry. Their motto is “author’s first”, which I can attest to being true. ¬†They work closely with the authors and don’t treat us as writing mules. The royalties are better than anywhere else. And they’re just nice people to work with.

The money they raise will go a long way to helping them pull out of minor company to thriving company. It will also go a long way to helping yours truly. Some of the money raised will go to advertising/marketing of the books. Attending more conventions. And generally making the books more visible to the reading public. This is good for their sales numbers and mine. Right now general obscurity is the biggest obstacle both my books, and the company itself, face.

If you donate, not only are you helping a great company get off the ground, and helping my books in the process, but you’ll also get some great swag. Everything from free books, discounts on future books to the chance to be on the cover of a book or be a cameo character.

Take a moment to check out the campaign. You can start with the video below.

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