Finally. Play-offs are coming to college football in 2014. No more of this BCS computer ranking BCS. That always felt so cheap.

Now, it’s only going to be 4 teams, and it’s unclear how those 4 teams will be selected. Rumors fly about it involving the conference champions. Which would make sense…if there were more teams. There are 10 conferences in division 1 (11 if you include independent). So they should have gone with 10 teams in the play-offs, each conference winner. That would make a play-off a little uneven though.

Either way, yay! Four teams playing 0ff for the championship is better than just a single game of two seemingly randomly selected teams. Let’s just hope it’s a start and more teams will be added in over time. And that those four teams are picked by a computer.

Of course, the whole college football system is still pretty corrupt. ┬áBut let’s focus on the positives for the moment.

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